Nov 22 – Dec 21


Values are being redefined all around you. Making your own lunch isn't even a conservative approach to spending anymore. Try to bleed that attitude into your future.

You'll be able to take it all in early this week, and better yet, communicate your vision to others at all levels of your business. You might not have time for productivity, but you'll be able to articulate ideas that will help in the long run. Get busy Wednesday and try to cut yourself out of the chitchat circuit that will keep you from finishing your most vital tasks. You might have to work with or serve someone who is almost your exact opposite on Friday or over the weekend, but if you're honest and flexible you'll end up doing just fine.

January is a friendly month, and it begins with a full down-to-business moon in your zone of money and how you earn it on January 1. The influence prods career ambition. Synchronously, on the second, your creative juices come alive when unusual and exciting Uranus turns direct.

On January 8, a sextile between the Capricorn sun and lucky Jupiter brings three days of possible opportunity, so be on the lookout. The twelfth is a lucky day. Search if job hunting, send out resumes, and schedule interviews and meetings.

On January 15, lucky Jupiter sextiles transformative Pluto, and it’s like icing on the cake to all of the above beneficial aspects. The cake would be your current wishes and dreams.

On the twenty-sixth, assertive Mars begins a Sagittarius transit that represents entering a new two-and-a-half-year cycle. Set goals, because in the cycle (or zone), you can accomplish success beyond your expectation.

On January 31, expect eclipse enlightenment at a fabulous full moon in your ninth house that extends your field of operation. At the same time, creative Mercury begins transiting free-spirited Aquarius and your communication sector. You’ve got lots of incentive to make some positive moves. Next month, get ready for intriguing idea invention.

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